Dutch psychics on course, Finale for World Soccer in Soccercity South Africa

Dutch who predicted this are:

Jan C van der Heide:  Holland will put itself back on the soccerspot

Michael van Olffen: Holland will go for gold, read here his prediction which was also on Dutch television http://paranormaal.blog.nl/voorspellingen/2010/06/14/wk-voorspelling-2010-michael-van-olffen-exclusief use translate in google

Isabel Blanco: No problems at all for Holland (predicted in november 2009) finals Spain-Holland and we will win, read here my prediction http://paranormaal.blog.nl/paravisie/2010/06/01/paravisie-voorspelling-2010-isabel-blanco-wk-finale-nederland-spanje use translate in google

Jaap van den Bol d: Spain in finals

Here you can read the last update http://paranormaal.blog.nl/voorspellingen/2010/07/02/nederland-halve-finale-michael-isabel-jan-op-koers-voorspelling use translate in google for english

Here you can read the entire predictions from all http://paranormaal.blog.nl/general/2010/06/30/update-wk-voorspelling-2de-ronde use translate in google for english

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