Dutch psychic Isabel Blanco predicts outcoming World Soccer

Dutch psychic Isabel Blanco predicts outcoming World Soccer

Soccer in South Africa: Final Netherlands-Spain

Final: The Netherlands-Spain
France and Italy first round they go home
No problems for the Dutch team only the semi finale will be difficult
Spain will make it to the finals due to their soccer revival, best cards
German will find out in the most important game how important their goalie is
Brasil is at it’s worst this championship
Ghana made it to the quarter finals
They entire predictions came out and is precise and accurate!!!!

Update: july 7 2010
1) Netherlands
2) Spain
3) Germany
4) Uruguay

Prediction itself
Soccer, what will the Dutch do? If you play the qualifications as we dit there could be no problem to see how far they can come. First round, no problems, quarter final, no problems, semi finals oops, problems but they will make it into the finales. Best options to become the Champion, some doubts cause the Final is against Spain, one of the best teams.. Brasil is at his worst due to serieus problems with the team as well as France. Italy could stay at home, no need to go to South Africa. South Africa will show a few nice things, 1 African country will surprise us. Germany tries and does it best but will not make it due to their goalie, Final, Netherlands-Spain, mom says Netherlands will win, I had doubts, but not anymore.

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