CNN:concerns about rights Joran van der Sloot started here on this blog

UPDATE 16 juni 2010, EXTRA uitzending SBS 6 20.30 Joran van der Sloot

I was very surprised to read that my blog was taken over by world media after my release last week. June 9 I watched CNN: Dutch concerns about Joran van der Sloot showtrial and I could not believe my eyes. Yes some spoke on TV, mostly lawyers about his rights and the declaration of Human Rights was my first reaction on this blog.

How could this happen I thought, then I realized that Flashnews also had taken over my blog and that the Newspaper Trouw made an article deeper in his right, it took over where I stopped. CNN made that clear on their website and newsflash on TV. Also an I report is made there about this case

Here is the translation of my Dutch Blog then made it into the world my concerns about the ” human rights declarations” since Joran van der Sloot is still a suspect, dispite his so called confession that reached the media before it reached the desk off the prosecuters………

” It souds weird, Human Rights, since we al have our own feelings about Joran, his involvement in the case Natale Holloway and the fact the he is involved in the murder case off Flores in Peru.

But I do ask myself as a human, are supposed to be happy now about what is going on down there in Peru? Normaly you are quilty untill your innocence is proven not to be so. However in Peru the opposite is happening, he is charged by the people, the media before any Policemen or judge revealed the case against him. We see him all over, at the border media show, in Lima, people show, we got him, on the screens all over the world at the Police station… And nothing yet is there that can actually pin point him being the one who killed Flores. All there is, is rumours, possible fingerprints and blood on a shirt. And off course the alleged confesion.

Everything is first in the media and that surprises me, that is a real threath for Justice. It happend before in the Netherlands, one case Louis Hageman, hunted down by journalist, was found quilty for a murder trial en got a sentence for life for a crime he dit not commit.

What is happening right? Are we all insane in going on with this? It is soooo sad. Today is electionday in the Netherlands, none of the Politicians stated clear and loud, not even our Prime Minister, Peru should respect the rights that Joran has as a suspect. What if he dit not commited this crime, then what? He will still have to  undergo his trial and will be conficted, as long as possible. No matter what, no matter how many laws are broken in International and National ways. Trial by media is dangerous, without the real technical evidence we can say whatever we want, but we have to be honest and say to ourselves, is this what we want??? Trial by media just because he is Joran van der Sloot? Is this why we have the UN, Human Rights declarations etc??

So I ask you, do you think the same that his changes on a fair trial are gone?

Copyright Isabel Blanco, Generation Phoenix en CNN/I report

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